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At Balm2theSoul we’ve harnessed the astonishing power of plants to create botanical skincare, bathcare and paincare remedies to heal your mind, body and soul.


Since 2019, we’ve been passionate about creating top-shelf products that will help you look and feel your greatest. In fact, we aim to make taking care of yourself natural and easy. That’s why we only use naturally derived ingredients that we would use for ourselves and our families. We only market tried and true products that not only work, but are proud of sharing.

The powerhouse plant Hemp is the star ingredient in our range of bodycare products due to its nutrient packed breakdown. We are proud to use organic, cold-pressed, raw Hemp Seed Oil in each of our products. 


In case you didn't know - bringing Hemp into skincare is nothing new.


In fact, historically, Cannabis Sativa was and remains a widely-used ingredient found in skincare and bathcare products. However, due to the stigma around Cannabis it was never marketed as a key ingredient until recently.


We pride ourselves in producing and sharing our range of Hemp infused skincare, bathcare and paincare products, all of which are made in small batches in Canada.


  • Omega fatty acids present in hemp seed oil have been proven to reduce inflammation, which in turn aids in pain reduction - SHOP HEMP INFUSED BALM/HEMP PAIN ROLLER

  • Anti-aging properties – Hemp products contain oleic acids and linoleic acid that our bodies aren’t capable of producing. These acids have been shown to deliver anti-aging properties. As such, products enriched with hemp oil can target wrinkles and fine lines, preventing some of those tell-tale signs of aging from developing. - SHOP FACIAL ELIXIRS

  • Keeps your pores moisturized (without clogging) – One of the key hemp oil benefits for skin is its ability to nourish and moisturize without clogging up your pores, helping to keep you hydrated. - SHOP BEARD & FACE ELIXIR

  • Hemp oil is rich in fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, well known for its hydrating and restorative properties. - SHOP HEMP VASELINE/SHEA BODY BALM


Made with Hemp.
Made in Canada.
Made with Love.

- Balm2theSoul

We founded Balm2theSoul with one mission in mind: to help the world ease their pain and discomforts using 100% natural remedies. For over 3 years, we’ve been hard at work researching and developing botanical products that aim to heal pain while protecting your skin from harmful and nasty ingredients used throughout the industry. This goal expanded into the development of a full range of bath, skin & body focused line of products. 


Today, Balm2theSoul crafts a large assortment of skincare, bodycare and paincare products that are still manufactured in small batches to ensure the most effective and fresh ingredients are used in each and every jar.

No matter what you’re looking for, we have a product for you. Our base collection includes our tried and true products and is continuously expanding. We also love creating customized products based on clients' special requests. ​ We’re committed to bringing you exactly what you need!

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