CBD Hemp Oil Drops 


Suggested Uses:

  • Pain relief - Ingest for full body pain relief
  • Sleep aid - Ingest for subtle help with sleeping problems
  • Energy enhancer, mood enhancer - Ingest during the day, suggested use with coffee for pick-me-up energy
  • Stress & anxiety reducer - Ingest for calming, anti-anxiety relief
  • Inflammatoin reducer - Rub on skin ailments, rashes, and areas with arthritis pain, or ingest for subtle healing from within

Recommended Directions for Use: 

  • Start with a low dose: Try 10 drops (1 to 2 times daily as required) and increase dose as needed
  • For optimal absorption: Place serving under tongue and hold for 10 or more seconds before swallowing
  • Can be used to infuse food and drinks for easier ingestion
  • For topical applications, rub into skin and massage area until absorbed
  • Use daily to target body aches and pains, inflammation of joints, stress relief and more!



Medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil, Cannabis sativa (hemp seed) oil


    CBD Oil Drops